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Capture The Crown - In My Head - (Jason Derulo cover)

Band/artist thing

List 10 musical artists you like, in no specific order. Do this before reading the questions below.

  1. From First to last
  2. Escape the Fate
  3. Aiden
  4. William control
  5. Bauhaus
  6. Skrillex
  7. The Cure
  8. Capture the Crown
  9. Falling in Reverse
  10. The Misfits

What was the first song you heard by number 6?

~’Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

What is your favourite lyric(s) from number 5?

~’You worthless bitch You fickle shit You will spit on me You will make me spit And when the Judas howl arise And like the Jesus Jews you epitomize I’ll still be here as strong as you And I’ll walk away in spite of you’ (Crowds)

What is your favourite song(s) by number 8?

~’#OIMATEWTF’ and ‘You Call That a Knife?, This is a Knife’ (the only 2 songs they have out atm lol)

What kind of impact has number 1 had on your life?

~tbh i only really came across them after i heard sonny (skrillex) use to sing for them i listen a couple of the songs and one song in particular (Populace in Two) helped me out a fair bit when i was feeling shit about my love life

When did you first get into 2?

~i had heard alot about for ages without listening to them and tbh i started mainly hearing more and more of them after i saw all these Craig vs Ronnie debates everywhere so just then eventualy listened to them  

How did you get into 3?

~i only really briefly liked them at first after getting into William Control and after hearing their version of Misfits ‘Die Die My Darling’ saw them live a few months later in Norwich i just liked them more and more after then

What is your favourite song(s) by 4?

~’Why Dance with the Devil When you have Me?’, ‘Beautiful Loser’, ‘London Town’ ‘Noir’,  ’Cant Help Falling in love’ and a fair few others lol

How many times have you seen 9 live?

~as much as i want to i have not ><

Favourite album by 7?

~ either ‘Disintegration’ or ‘Pornography’ tbh

What is your favourite song(s) of 1?

~’Populace in Two’, ‘Emily’, ‘Ride the Wings of Pestilence’, ‘Note to Self’, ‘Dead Baby Kickball’, ‘Secrets Dont Make Friends’ 

How did you become a fan of number 10?

~Couple of friends of mine

What songs of 4’s do you listen to the least?

~’Deathclub’ its a good song i just dont listen to it that much

Top 2 favourite song(s) by 5?

~’Third Uncle’ and ‘Crowds’

Have you seen 10 live?

~once again nope really would like to tho ><

Have you met 4?

~i fucking wish lol

What’s your favourite album by 1?

~Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Bodycount 

Favourite lyric of 7?

~”So we meet again! and I offer my hand All dry and English slow” (Cut Here)

What is one of 2’s best song(s)? 

~with Ronnie in the band i’d say ‘The Guillotine’ with Craig tho i’d say ‘Harder than you know’

What’s your favourite song(s) by number 9?

~ ‘Raised by the Wolves’, ‘The Drug in me is you’ ‘I’m Not a Vampire’ and ‘Good Girls, Bad Guys’

How long have you known 9?

~ about a year i’d say

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Capture the Crown | #OIMATEWTF

(8)you tore out my heart, but i found you bitch, MOVE BITCH GET OUT THE WAY(8)

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